May 22, 2015

TOROCast - Episode 242 - That’s It (Explicit)


With this, we bring the more than 6 year run of TOROCast to an explicit end. Have a listen as Mae, Miner and Road are joined by former hosts Tom, Russell, Albie and Samm, as well as the gents of the Bad Feeling Podcast, Brian and Chuck. But that's not all, so stay tuned as a few more familiar folks lend their voices and thoughts to help bring the show to its close. Warning: This episode is no-holds-barred.

A last word from Road:

With this final episode published, I'd like to take one last chance to offer my thanks to Samm and Tom for giving me the chance to run this show over the last few years, all of my fellow hosts that have helped me continue this show and grow as a podcaster, the Star Wars: The Old Republic Fansite Community, and most importantly, the listeners that have kept us going. Without each and every one of you, the number of which I still find to be staggering, none of this could have been possible, and I doubt I'd have figured out on my own just how much I enjoy spouting nonsense into a mic, whether or not anyone was on the other side. While the experience as a whole has had its own ups and downs, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, unless, of course, access to the Force was an option. But, with all that said, may the Force be with you, and for one last time, that's it!


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